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April 2023 Spirit Connect Summit

Tecate, Mexico

April 16 - 21 2023· 5 nights

April 2023 Spirit Connect Summit

Integrated Conscious Awakening with Soul Family


What to expect at a Spirit Connect event

Expect a unique experience, curated to feel energy and provide you tangible benefits and tools you can use in your daily life to accelerate your journey into a life you love.

Connecting Conscious Souls

What We Do

We create lasting positive impact in the lives of as many people as we can, by reminding humanity to live a life they love in alignment with their purpose by activating the power of their full consciousness being, as the creator of their reality.

We do this by hosting consciousness oriented events. From global meditations, group energy work, to our full-day intensives, multi-day summits & world class conscious retreats. We create grounded experiences, in natural settings which inspire, educate, and connect us all.

Who We Are

We are the Collective Consciousness, the Christ Consciousness, the Family of Light, Starseeds, Healers & Lightworkers. We are you. We are one.

Picture of Josiah

Cofounder / RCP Coach


“I have always had a passion to help others improve the experience of their life for as long as I can remember.

I love pursuing this through exploring consciousness and its relationship to our human experience of reality through the heart, mind, body and soul. 

There are deeply rooted processes of consciousness that generate our collective and individual experience of reality. Learning to operate the ‘reality creation process’ has paved the way to live a life I truly love, in alignment with my true nature and purpose. My mission is to help others do the same.

To Love, To Heal, To Guide, To Awaken.” ~ Josiah McCampbell

You can learn more about Josiah's work at and

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Picture of Amalia

Cofounder & Director / Healer


Amalia is an alchemist, quantum energy healer, intuitive motivational speaker, leader, CEO, Entrepreneur and “I Am” influencer. She has dedicated her life to the living Zen state of being. To her this provides an empowering path through the constant chaos, exercising the ability to alchemize rapidly and not be impeded by unfortunate moments. Her persistence on rising above and creating what she loves has allowed her to manifest a lifestyle of materializing dreams. Her spiritual journey and Zen practice began at a young age giving her the ability to flow with her divine intuition balancing the present energy. This allows her to be in the “Living Zen”, embodying the power of “I Am” consciousness.

As the CEO and Founder of her multidimensional company Lagunitas Organics, she is able to showcase her vision to the world. Amalia is also director of Spirit Connect, where she works with a conscious team helping individuals achieve their highest potential by tuning into their true divine nature. She is inspired to share her life journey with others, to help others be able to tune in and alchemize instantly, to awaken to their multi-dimensionality and to embody the power of “I Am” consciousness.

You can learn more about Amalia's work on her LinkTree

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Picture of Ara

Keynote Presenter / Coach


Ara has tapped into a direct channel to the cosmos. She teaches this though breathwork, to align your chakras and steps to elevate your magnetic field.

She leads bilingual mediations in English & Spanish on the art of elevating your vibration.

You can learn more about Ara's work at

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Picture of Jacobo

Channeler / Healer


Jacobo is a channeler, healer, energy medicine therapist, researcher of all things natural energy related.

Developer of two emotional freedom modalities and a higher consciousness meditation system, best selling author, but more than anything, life long student of human life.

Jacobo’s passion is to help people understand themselves and to guide awaken processes.

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Picture of Eugenia

KAP Facilitator


Eugenia is an energy vehicle for empowerment and transformation. She boasts a BA in Ecological Tourism and is a qualified KAP facilitator.

The KAP experience merges different schools/systems/or lineages including raw Kundalini & deep consciousness. When the activation occurs the participant receives a unique transmission frequency that carries cosmic wisdom.

You can learn more about Eugenia's work at

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Picture of Ann Sizer

Reiki & Sound Healer


Ann is an Intuitive Healer Guided by Pure White Source Energy. She is a certified Usui Reiki Master. She is the owner and operator of Blu Lotus Reiki with Ann. Ann believes it is our mission to guide others toward united polarity, to give voice to those who have forgotten the words that our souls once knew. It is with Love that we shall heal the wounds of self and Earth, this is no simple task, we have a great journey ahead; however, Source is guiding the way.

Ann holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Sciences, Certified in Addictions, and is an Ordained Minister of the Universal Life Church. She is currently pursuing her Master’s of Science Degree in Mind Body Medicine; however, this is not what motivates her, she finds drive in the life experience she gained while attempting to find her path on this glorious journey to higher vibration living and it is through this knowledge, she wishes to share the vibrations with others on their journey via Reiki and sound bowls.

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Quantum Energy Healer


Aralia specializes in the playful discovery, healing and reparenting of the inner child. Using her nurturing motherly energy, she connects with Gaia to create the comfort of home. She is a Quantum Energy Healer, Writer, Medium, Sound Therapist and professional singer – healing through her voice.

Born in London, Aralia moved to the United States in 2011. Shortly after, tragedy occurred when in 2016, she was diagnosed with cervical cancer. After realizing doctors could not heal her, she decided to heal herself. Today she continues this success by sharing her abilities with the world.

You can learn more about Aralia's work at

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Keynote Presenter / Teacher

Papa Guru

Papa Guru, is a Writer, Teacher, Speaker, Shaman, Alchemist and a practitioner of the Dao and Hermetic Mystical Studies. Spending his childhood in the remote woodlands of Costa Rica, he learned the ways of nature, particularly in the use of plants as nourishment and medicine.

Papa Guru’s life has been full of many ups and downs. Threw it all, the desire for spiritual evolution and gaining knowledge through life long practice and study, has never waned. His love for humanity and the growth of consciousness within every being, has led him to dedicate the rest of his life to the planet and the life that dwells within it. We are all one consciousness.

You can learn more about Papa Guru's work at

More About Me

Energy Guide


I've been a Student of Energy since 1995. Through meditation I have explored the essence of concepts and thoughts, experiences and emotions that define the reality of what we call the 3rd Dimension. I have worked with Tarot, Energy Work, Consciousness Development, Sacred Drumming and other services to help people connect to what is most important to them in life and how to resolve the emotional attachments which bind them to the traumatic events of the past. Since 2004 I've taught others how to regain their Spiritual Independence and move beyond the fixations of the mind and attachments of the emotions in order to experience energy from its own source of being in whatever form it comes in. 

In April 2021 my wife Vivian and I opened our store in Sedona called Soul Stone Vibrations, where Vivian shares her jewelry creations, my energy work and classes to the local community.

You can learn more about Roger and Soul Stone Vibrations on his Facebook page

More About Me

Bubble Therapy


After a long career working in the healthcare field, I took the leap to start caring for myself. I found bubbles, or should I say that they found me, and in a matter of a few years the healing that I have experience through bubble therapy has helped me change my life and the lives of others that I have had the opportunity to share this magic with. My connection to source and the joy of life that I have  now is so immense and fills my heart with so much love and gratitude! I am passionate about spreading love, light, and joy, one bubble at a time encouraging others to release their inner child and do the same.

You can connect and learn more about Julie's work on her Instagram

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CE5 Contact Guide / Content Creator


I graduated from Indiana University where I got my bachelor of science degree in environmental management and human ecology. I have always been driven to help our planet and show others why they should want to save it. I had a few experiences that catapulted me into viewing the universe from a different perspective. After graduation I began holding CE5 events and shared information that I had learned about extraterrestrials.

I found that many people had an open mind and an open heart when it came to ET contact. The results were beautiful interactions with an advanced and intelligent ET civilization. Now through social media and CE5 events I try to spread awareness on this topic as I believe it will help humanity through this age of ascension. I am very excited to be apart of this experience and to show others the beauty and wonder that is CE5.

CE5, otherwise known as close encounters of the fifth kind, is the fifth type of extraterrestrial contact. CE5 is human initiated contact through the process of mindful mediation set with peaceful and loving intention. It is important to learn how to correctly contact these et civilizations in a time when there is a lot of misinformation surrounding the subject. We hope to share with you our experiences and have peaceful contact together.

You can learn more about Gracie's work with the Ashtar Command Ground Crew by visiting their LinkTree

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CE5 Contact Guide / Channeler


My journey began when I first learned about my relation to extraterrestrials. My great grandmother Tuella was a highly respected channeler who went on to write over 7 books about the Ashtar Command. Now as I continue her legacy, I work alongside Gracie to help bring awareness to the extraterrestrial civilizations that have been in contact with us for generations.

You can learn more about Cassy's work with the Ashtar Command Ground Crew by visiting their LinkTree

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Together, let’s support the conscious awakening of humanity!

Our Why

We invite people from all walks of life to come together as ONE, to make this world a better place.

Spirit Connect helps people who desire to expand their consciousness to achieve a state of inner peace, awaken their true nature and purpose, live a life they love, while laying the foundations for collaborative projects that improve the lives of everyone.

We do this through hosting consciousness oriented events that inspire, educate, and promote authentic interpersonal connections.

If you would like to overcome life’s obstacles to live authentically in your power, we invite you to connect with us and attend one of our events, or get involved with one of the sustainable, conscious, “new earth,” initiatives we are networked with.

Let's Unite

As an awakened community we can heal, connect, grow, build and inspire a new earth that will sustain generations to come.

Tangible benefits

We are providing the greatest possible tangible benefits to life, on all levels of Mind, Body and Spirit.

Connecting communities

We work with and support local, conscious, sustainable businesses & communities.

Highest quality

Presenting the highest quality Speakers, Facilitators, Workshops & Experiences.

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